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Maintenance Free Earthing Solution Earthings Electrode (S.E.E.):

To have a good earth resistance, has always been a problem in soil of poor electrical conductivity. This grounding improvement product is designed to reduce the soil resistivity locally and therefore improve the resistence of the grounding.

Maintenance free safe Earthing electrode by utilizing metal alloys and natural chemical composition. The safe Earthing electrode is able to provide a multifaceted proactive Earthing protection strategy. The Earthing electrode is manufactured from custom-made G.I. tubes to ensure maximum conductivity and protect main earth electrode from the soil. This will ensure a highly conductive state for the fault current to pass on the earth.

Earthing is very important area of electrical engineering. Generally people forget about Earthing once it is installed, no one check it unless and untill something goes wrong and find faults in Earthing. In most cases it fails due to corrosion of the pipe. Therefore maintenance free Earthing electrode can be used for effective Earthing, which will ensure safety to human life, appliance, machines, & equipment etc. Earthing is absolutely essential and it is mandatory by various electrical departments.

In the present day high tech scenario, most of the machines are solid state controlled relay logic systems have changed over to solid state logic systems. For these control, spike free and steady voltage is very important. M.F. Earthing Electrode is the most effective products of Earthing. Thus, safe Earthing electrode is a totally maintenance free solution for couple of years and is suitable to any application requiring high performance Earthing.

F 15:3043-1987 Clause 9.2.8 & 9.3 says...

The material selected for Earthing electrode, should exhibit a galvanic potential with respect to the ground as nearly equal to that exhibited by the structure of unprotected condition, the material used should be resistant to the corrosion.

Tests in a wide variety of solids have shown that copper is entirely satisfactory and taking the life of copper Earthing as maximum 12 years, the average loss is weight of copper, buried for 12 years is 0.2 percent per year and average loss in weight of galvanized steel, a little inferior to copper, 0.5 percent per year.


3. Maintenance Free Earthings:

  • It is a type of earthing system which is ready made, standardized and scientifically developed. It’s benefits are:-
  • Maintena nce Free: No need to pour water at regular intervals- except in sandy soil.
  • Consistency: Maintain stable and consistent earth resistance around the year.
  • More Surface Area : The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which provides the increased surface area for peak current dissipation and also get stable reference point.
  • Low earth resistance. Highly conductive. Carriers high peak current repeatedly.
  • No corrosion, Eco Friendly.
  • Long Life
  • Easy Installation
  • As per IS: 3043-1987
  • Technical details of maintenance free Earthing
  • Maintenance free Earthing consists of two Parts

SR. No. Outer Size Inner Strip Size Length Dimension (mm) Terminal Size Terminal
1. 50mm 25x6 2mtr 50x6 G.I.
2. 50 mm 25x6 2mtr 50x6 Copper
3. 50mm 25 x 3 (Copper) 2mtr 50x6 Copper
4. 50mm 25x6 3mtr 50x6 G.I.
5. 50mm 25x6 3mtr 50x6 Copper
6. 50mm 25 x 3 (Copper) 3mtr 50x6 Copper
7. 80 mm 50x3 2mtr 50x6 G.I.
8. 80mm 50x3 2mtr 50x6 Copper
9. 80 mm 50 x 3 (Copper) 2mtr 50x6 Copper
10. 80mm 50x3 3mtr 50x6 G.I.
11. 80mm 50x3 3mtr 50x6 Copper

Special Models:

SR. No. Outer Size Inner Strip Size Length Dimension (mm) Terminal Size Terminal
1. 40mm Copper 25 x 3 (Copper) 2 mtr. 50x6 Copper
2. 40 mm Copper 25 x 3x (Copper) 3 mtr. 50x6 Copper

Back Fill Compound:

  • Empty space around the electrode is filled with a compound which contains eco-friendly materials.
  • Maintains moisture and enhances conductivity around the electrode.
  • Does not mix with or leach in to the soil.
  • Absorbs moisture 13 times of it’s dry volume.
  • No need to recharge pit, except in sandy areas.
  • Improves electrode performance and protects the system in corrosive environment.
  • ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS : This is maintenance free earthing hence no need of extra water pouring at regular interval as in conventional earthing because it retains the moisture.
  • CONSISTENCY: Continuously maintains the same (approx) earth resistance value overtime regardless of soil & climatic conditions unlike a standard plate/rod the stability of the safe earthing electrode will remain constant.


  • Tele communication Towers & Microwave antennas
  • Transmission & Distribution Systems.
  • Substations & Power Generator.
  • Transformer Neutral Earthing.
  • Lightening Arrestor Earthing.
  • Computer & Data Processing Centers.
  • Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries.
  • Food Processing & Water Treatment Plants.
  • Oil Refineries & Pump Stations.
  • Remote & Central Office Digital Switches.
  • Heavy Industries.
  • Residential Buildings
  • Others, where hi-tech earthing is required

Advantages of Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode  as Compaced to Traditional method of Earthing



There is one pipe, one inside the G.I./Copper strip i.e., strip- in-pipe technology

One G.I./C.I. particular diameter.

Safe earth electrode is not in direct contact with soil.

The earth electrode is in direct contact with the soil.

Absence of corrosion

Liable of fast corrosion subsequently decay of earthing pipe/plates.

No fluctuation in resistance value it has been proved at various sites that resistance value of safe earthing electrode reduce with age.

Fluctuation of resistance value is more, resulting in frequently maintenance of gadgets/ machine and may endanger human life too.

Since SEE surrounded by highly conductive soil so the change dissipation through the electrode is very high and the current density across the electrode is very low which results in very high fault current sufficient   to trip the fault relay.

Very good galvanization 1, e 80 -100 microns

Practically, no need to change i.e.,

fit and forget.

Distribution of short circuit current is less terms of change dissipation therefore it generates high potential at the pit which result in low fault current in comparison to required tripping circuit of fault protection relay.

The backfill compound used is not soluble in water & it becomes part of the soil around the electrode.

Need to be change frequently every 3-4 years.

Salt, Charcoal is used as backfill compound as salt is corrosive electrolyte, it corrodes Gl/Ci electrode. Finally get the high resistance value.

It requires less space and time to install the earthing electrode.

Backfill compound (Salt) used will be washed away in rainy seasons and will be resulted as high resistance value.

It requires a large space and time to install the earth electrode.