Synchronize Panel, A.C Drive panels & PLC Control panels Manufacturers Ghaziabad
We offer an extensive range of Electric Control Panel Board to our clients. These are checked under strict set of norms at our premises for material and components throughout the entire production procedure. In addition, our range is in conformation with the Indian standards and regulations and is also certified with for the main components.
  • Panels
  • Application
  • Salient Features
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Quality Assurance System
  • In-housing Testing

AMF-PanelsMain Distribution
AMF-PanelsL.T. Ducting
AMF-PanelsA.C. Drive Panels
AMF-PanelsD.C. Drive Panels
AMF-PanelsSynchronizing Panels
AMF-PanelsH.T./ L.T. Feeder
AMF-PanelsAMF Panel
AMF-PanelsLighting Distribution
AMF-PanelsPower Control
Centre Panel (PCC)
AMF-PanelsMotor Control Panel (MCC)
AMF-PanelsAutomatic Power Factor
Correction Panel (APFC)

Steel Rolling Mill, Tube Mill, Corrugation, Sponge Iron
Tyre & Rubber Kneaders, Radial Tyre Building, Press, Boiler, Bead Wire Machine, Calender Machine, Cooling Tower
Paper Mill Section, Pulp Section, Finishing House, Duplex Cutter, Boiler
Sugar Cane Carrier, Rake Carrier, Mill, Boiler, Crystallizer, Packing Baggage Handling, Boiler, Co-generation
Wire & Cable Block Wire Drawing, Wet Wire Drawing, RED Machine, CO2 Plant, Extrusion Line, Laying Machine, Stranding machine, etc.
Water & Waste Water RO Plants, ETP Plants, etc.
Printing & Packaging Rotogravure, Floxo, Sheet Feed Lamination, Coating, Slitter, etc.
Power Sugar Co-Generation, Thermal Power Station, Drives Panels for Tunnels
Infrastructure Malls, Hotels, Housing Complex, Hospitals, HVAC, AHU, Retail Chain
Food & Breweries Dairy, Ice-cream, Breweries, Bread, Alcohol, Biscuits, Mineral Water, Tobacco, Floor Mills.
Pharmaceutical S.S. Panel, AHU
Cold Section Cold Storage, Frozen Plant, Potato Preservation.

Salient Features

  • A perfect compartmentalised construction where the partition sheet goes till end of panel.
  • Spacious arrangement is made for cable termination ensuring comfortable operation & easy maintenance.
  • Metallic/transparent barriers are provided, within the cubical for prevention of human contact with live part accidentally.
  • Provision of double door at the back of the panel.
  • Panels are very sleek and has aesthetic look.
  • Each panel is provided with plastic drawing pocket to house relevant drawings.
  • Bolted modular construction facilities modification, retrofitting, extensibility in minimum possible time.
  • Provision of additional door flap over steel lock causes further barrier to unauthorized operation.
  • Specially designed concealed profile of neoprene is used for gasketing to ensure dust protection.
  • Use of quarter turnkey flush type steel door locks for convenient operation.
  • High Tensile Bolt & Conical Washers for bus bar connection.
  • Mimic diagram is provided.
  • Tool box is provided.
  • Perforated sheet shroud to main horizontal bus bars chamber.
  • Phase sequence meter is provided.
  • Every bay is provided with space heater, thermostat & backup protection for anti condensation.
  • Cubicles having controls are equipped with lamp & socket.
  • Two nos. of power socket including MCB/fuses are provided to avoid undesired unsafe wire tapping from bus bar (as an option).
  • Dish type extensible door is provided.


  • Each bay is identical and can be assembled or dismantled easily in shorter time which is not feasible in total welded bay.
  • Components are fabricated in folded construction results with minimum welding to avoid deformation of fabricated components beside stocking of critical fabrication components to expedite delivery of Panels.
  • The components are totally interchangeable and offer instant replacement if required.
  • Electroplated slotted supports are provided in cable alleys for binding of cables.
  • Concealed Hinges with Neoprene Gasket are used in each door.
  • All door cutouts are made in fabrication stages resulting in long life of paint
  • Enclosures are fabricated with 14/16 SWG smooth & wrinkle free, stress removed TATA CRCA SHEETS by usage of extensive tooling in following house machineries:

Manufacturing Facilities

  • CNC Punch Press
  • Nibbling Machine
  • Bending Machine
  • Power Press 30 Tonnes
  • Paint Section
  • Automated 9 Tank Pre-Treatment Shop
  • Automated Powder Coating Shop
  • Dryers & Screw Filler
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Drilling ranging from  6 mm to 16 mm
  • Hydraulic Bus Bar Bending, Cutting & Punching M/c
  • Bend Saw
  • Shearing Machine 2.5 Mt


  • After perfect chemical treatment as per IS-6005, the fabricated components are painted in a CONVEYRISED POWDER COATING PLANT with high quality epoxy polyester powder, thus giving a long life to panel as well as too
  • The standard finish is SIEMENS PABBEL GREY (RAL 7032) mounting arrangement in ORANGE (RAL2000)


  • Our plant layout is prepared in genuinely natural way of flow which helps us in speedy assembling.
  • Equipped with pneumatic tooling and have facility of crane throughout.
  • Proper illumination
  • The area is air cooled and has positive air pressure to remove presence of dust particles on the floor.

Bus Bars

Copper/Aluminum bus bar of EC91E ELECTROLYTIC GRADE is procured from Cross sectional area is chosen on basis of bus bar calculation considering derating factors.

  • Bus bars are braced rigidly to withstand short circuit fault with SMC supports and proper bracing.
  • Housed in electroplated "U” shaped channels.
  • All bus bars are insulated with PVC heat shrinkable sleeves of relevant color.
  • Earth bus bar size is determined with earth fault calculation and run through  out the panel and connected with every door/ damp of metallic switch gear body mounted.


  • Arora Electrical’s has developed a modern pneumatic  wiring shop with highly skilled wire-men and precision tools.
  • Safe wiring is laid down by using plastic grommet and flexible conduits.
  • Excellent dressing with proper printed ferrule.
  • Wiring is bunched nicely with the PVC duct, also loose wiring in plastic spiral.

  • Arora Electrical’s has an unique quality system, committed by every team member & documented as per VC QSM. It has got an unique three-tier quality policy as follows:
  • All Raw Materials including switchgear is subjected to rigorous testing.
  • “Stage inspection” is carried in four stages to avoid faults.
  • "Final testing" is carried out thoroughly with all calibrated instruments/gauges.
  • The testing is done as per harmonized national & international standards including IEC429, IS8623.

  • Insulation with 1000V Megger.
  • High voltage test at 2.5 KV for 1sec (50Hz).
  • Functional Test.
  • Powder coating quality (1000 hr & scratch etc.)
  • AI & Cu Conductivity (%IACS).
  • KWH calibration.
  • Primary injection up to 4000 A.
  • Secondary injection.
  • Switch gear operational Tests.